Timeless design. Traditional crafting. Durable materials. Practical function.

Tailfeather is the collaboration of Scottie and Natalia, and is crafted in their home studio in the Tallarook ranges 100 km north of Melbourne, Australia.

Each individual piece is handcrafted and designed to meet the practical requirements of day-to-day use.

Timeless design is integral to the quality of Tailfeather products. Tailfeather products are original, simple, visual and functional.

Bags are designed to fit the body and distribute weight comfortably. They feature phone pockets, computer pockets and key-ring clips.

Wallets are simple and practical and incorporate artistic design features.

The Craftsmanship of Tailfeather begins in the design. Concepts created on paper and developed in the studio are refined on computer.  Patterns are cut and then trimmed by hand. Panels are hand-stitched. Custom-made, solid brass buttons and solid brass rivets are hand-set. Edges are waxed and buffed, and branding and details are laser etched.

Tailfeather use only quality material with minimal panelling and strong seams.

Everything is produced in the Tallarook studio. Small runs and attention to detail ensure the highest possible quality is maintained.